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Attorney Dan Guinn New Philadelphia Ohio

Attorney Dan Guinn is a lawyer who serving New Philadelphia, Ohio. He is always available to give you best ever service as well as handle your case on reasonable price. Attorney Dan Guinn has provided best ever services which everyone wants from their lawyers. He always believed that serving others is a priority. He also has volunteer experience as well as having a wonderful experience as an attorney.  You can get free initial consultations and if you are unsure about your case just scheduling an appointment. Dan Guinn is a fantastic attorney. He is a kind, compassionate, professional, and will assist you with everything you need. He will present you with viable and realistic options to take on your legal needs. He is there when you need him day or night, even on weekends. He doesn’t even charge for phone calls because he believes it is wrong to do so. Plus, he gets the job done at a fraction of the cost of other attorneys while doing a far better job than anyone else. Attorney Dan Guinn is an honest, fighter as well as a strong person. He will fight for you and do what it takes to win. His rates are extremely reasonable and he does payment plans if needed. He will listen to you and work out a solution that works for you. Dan Guinn is both knowledgeable and extremely caring towards all of his clients. He takes the time to listen to you and will do what you want. Plus, he has payment plans and his rates are lower than any attorney out there. If you want an attorney that will listen to you and will fight on your behalf, then give this man a call. You will not regret it.


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