Attorney Dan Guinn is a lawyer in downtown New Philadelphia, Ohio. He is a successful man as well as a famous man. He understands the problems and needs of others. He believes that helping others is a priority of his life. He starts his own practice as a name of the Guinn Law Firm, LCC. He always available for everyone’s help. You can contact him anytime by with visiting his website (, via email, and phone number.

Moreover, Attorney Dan Guinn finds his happiness in helping other people. He always helps the needy people. He had a sparkling background with having many degree’s such as Associate Degree, Juris Doctorate degree and so on. He works as a tutor and a brave officer in the merchant navy. He achieved many awards like a good conduct medal, a navy achievement for his service and commitment of duty.

Further Moreover, He is a great social worker. Even that he serves people lot of services for instance: Child custody, Child support, Dissolution/Divorce, Visitation, Criminal defence, Civil Litigation, and Estate Planning. He represents his clients very well and attain success in every case. His clients fully satisfied with his work. He always fights for innocent people give them justice.


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